We are a non-profit organization founded by prisoners and their families to tackle the many ills that face prisoners, their children, families, and society as a whole. It is quite clear, no matter what side of the fence you find yourself on this issue, we are all affected by the cycle of crime and the cost to our nation.

The United States has the largest population of prisoners in the world, 2.2 million and counting, yet our streets are no safer. It’s time for another approach to this problem. We are committed as an organization to work diligently to reverse the cycle of recidivism, and working diligently in turning those children away from the same fate as their parent/(s).

Second Chance Quest further believes in alternative sentences for nonviolent prisoners. The longer a parent stays in prison, the greater the odds of that child falling by the wayside, this transcends race and religion.

Second Chance Quest has started a mentoring program in a few correctional facilities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Those programs are geared towards reducing the recidivism rate in that state. We are currently in the infancy stage of opening a mentoring center in the state of New Jersey geared solely towards mentoring children of incarcerated parents.

Second Chance Quest, being a young organization, is under the Fiscal Sponsorship of International Youth Organization (IYO), which is a well established organization that has been around for decades. We are currently seeking volunteers and donations to assist with our mission. We can no longer sit on our hands and complain, allow Second Chance Quest to be your tool of choice in righting the ills of this great nation!