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Alternative Sentencing

For Non-Violent Offenders

Second Chance Quest is a vehicle for alternative sentencing for nonviolent offenders.  The price SCQ place on that endeavor is service in our Military or an Adult Style Bootcamp for four years. Upon completion and remaining crime-free for five years, one’s criminal records will be expunged.

Bridging The Gap

Between Prisoners And Society

True Second Chance

Educating the public on justice reform as it pertains to inmates, families, and communities. Preparing prisoners for a productive transition into society and preparing society for the welcoming of second chancers.

1 in 27

U.S Children Have An Incarcerated Parent

Creating B.O.S.S.E.S

Our teen mentoring program for children with an incarcerated parent will focus on Creating Business Opportunities by Stimulating Scholars Entrepreneurial Skills “Creating B.O.S.S.E.S”  Bosses Show Up . Bosses Stand Out . Bosses Set Standards

In Prison Workshop

Giving Prisoners The Tools To Succeed In Prison Or In Society

Second Chance Quest

A 12-wk mentoring program for prisoners who desire to be more productive while in prison and succeed in society. Our goal is to aid & assist prisoners through our understanding of incarceration and address ways to productively and constructively serve out their time.

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