* It’s time to step up, do it for yourselves and others, for those hugging corners, and your sisters, brothers, fathers, and mothers.
* It’s time to tell it like it is, it’s time to stop lying. Our children are more afraid of living, than dying.
* It’s time to take responsibility for yourself. Self Empowerment is the order of the day, waiting for outside help that’s not coming, is not where it’s at. It’s time to restore our communities, build our own businesses- Support those who have them already. Grow your own foods, make your own instead of supporting a bunch of outsiders who care nothing about you.
* It’s time to make time, to learn how to be better men and women.
* It’s time to be better parents to your children. You have to spend time with them to teach authentic history of themselves, if nobody else does it, you have to.
* It’s time to put an end to mandatory minimums, outrageous sentences. And prisons that have become big businesses, privatized prisons, no parole. I say, ” Ask me,” I’m living this.
* It’s time to stop focusing on hatred, division, differences, UNITE ALL PRISONERS! I promise you’ll win at this, if not now then when, if not you, then who?
* It’s time to grow and develop yourselves in this 21st Century as we strive in our struggles for educational, economical, political, and social empowerment. Let 2 come as 1, and let 1 come as none. The collective will succeed!
Thanks for listening… Once again.
By: Joseph Royall-El