As a child, raised and taught to be conscious of the history of our country, my pigment and its role in my future. Coming of age has been mind-boggling; Faced with the onset of reality. To see, in a society so progressive in thought and modern in legislation, that we still live under the rule of outdated laws, predicated on erroneous thought, proves that (in this society) prejudices overshadow intellect in most ways. Racism still exist and it is poorly masked by the facade of “Equal Rights” and equal opportunity. – (Two completely different things, separated through economics.)

The Judicial System of the United States is not an arrangement designed to give justice to African Americans, in the manner it caters to the affluent, Caucasian American. Question: Who is to blame, a man who orchestrates a body of laws that aid him in obtaining wealth and maintaining power or the man who accepts as his constitution a thing constructed without him in mind, correction, without his well-being in mind? Seven times more African Americans then Caucasian Americans are incarcerated, on parole, on probation, involve in the never-ending cycle of so called prison reformation. This fact suggest that there is something catastrophically wrong with our criminal justice system, especially after noting that African Americans are the minority in this country But the majority in prison. If this seems to you a blatant violation of human rights. Please remember, there was a time when every human was not treated as such, this being their condition, they had no rights. Our constitution is a remnant of that time. Look up the word ANACHRONISM.